World Music (Multicultural)

Putmayo Kids~

Putmayo Kids is committed to introducing children to other cultures through fun, upbeat world and folk music. Putmayo Kids CD's feature songs with children, friendly lyrics and liner notes that educate and inspire cultural curiosity. We recommend all of Putmayo Kids titles!!!!

Sesame St. Playground

Sesame St. Playground - Newest Title

Songs and Videos from Around the World!! A lively musical journey through Sesame Street productions around the world- 5 global Sesame Music Videos. 13 songs on cd include: Sesamstraat (The Netherlands), Pollution Song (Thath’ iphepha), Rubber Duckie (Xiang pi xiao ya), Galli Galli Sirm Sirm (India), Elmo’s Song. Both video subtitles and liner notes are in English, Spanish, French, Deutsch.

#PUT283-SL CD/DVD $15.98

Hawaiian Playground

Hawaiian Playground - New!

A lively collection that explores the playful side of Hawaii’s musical offerings. With selections featuring the sounds of ukuleles, steel guitars and harmonious vocals that will charm children and adults alike. This album is as colorful as the islands which inspired it!. The Hawaiian people have inhabited the islands for centuries and their Polynesian heritage still plays a key role in their music making today. Songs include: Right On (The Moonlighters), Holohola Ka’s (Willie K), Come To Hawaii (Joe McDermott), Toad Song (Keali’I Reichel), Pule O’o (Justin Young), Local to the Max (Imua). 10 Songs.

#PUT274 CD $15.98

Animal Playground

Animal Playground - New

A Multilingual collection of animal-themed songs from around the world. The 13 tracks on the album will guide listener on a journey that begins in North American and ends in Africa. All ages will want to jump, hop and sing to the upbeat melodies of this Animal Playground! Songs include: Wee Hairy Beasties (USA), Samba Salad (Netherlands), If A Dinosaur Was My Friend (USA), The 3 Bears (USA), Cantiga do Sapo (Brazil).

Bonus: The enhances CD also includes an original music video for the song “No More Monkeys” shot On location in Trinidad featuring Trinidad-born artist Asheba.

#PUT264 CD $15.98

Brazilian Playground

Brazilian Playground - New

Samba, bossa nove and forro’ are among Brazil’s most popular and accessible musical styles for adults and children alike. Brazilian Playground is a collection of 13 child-friendly songs from many of Brazil’s most talented musicians. A lively musical journey that will transport children from the rainforest of the Amazon to the beaches of Rio de Janeiro. Songs include: Pancada, Tum Tum Tum, Morena, Alo-Alo, Tem Fila, Samba Dos Animais, Expresso. Multilingual liner notes in English, Spanish, French & Portuguese.

#PUT269 CD $15.98

World Playground

World Playground - BEST SELLER!

CD is a collection of great songs from around the world: Senegal, Bolivia, Jamaica, Australia, Congo, Israel, Greece. Songs include: Fatou Yo, La Mariposa, Waltzing Matilda, Boom Boom Tarara, Mardi Gras Mambo, Bongo Bong, Tik Tik Tak. 12 songs.

#PUT154 CD $15.98

World Playground Activity Kit

World Playground Activity Kit (English)

Features fun and educational multicultural activities for children, parents and teachers. Consumer Kit: Includes World Playground CD, 52 page activity guide and a children's passport journal.

#PUT154KT KIT $19.95

Classroom Kit: Includes World Playground CD, 52 page activity guide, 25 children's passport journals and a map.

#PUT154CL KIT $49.95

World Playground 2

World Playground #2 - BEST SELLER!

The follow-up to the award winning first volume features more fun world music and multicultural liner notes in original language and English, which help children learn more about the music and cultures where the selections originated. UK/Africa, Trinidad, Colombia, India, South Africa, Algeria, Canada. Songs include: Baka Beyond, Xtatik, Barachois, Lucky Ali, Maixa Ta Ixiar. 10 Songs.

#PUT193 CD $15.98

Latin Playground

Latin Playground

A fiesta of upbeat Latin American music with liner notes in English and Spanish. A collection of songs by well-known artists from Cuba, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Uruguay, and more. Songs include: Rodeopiou, Mardi Gras Mambo, Rodopiou, Bomba Le Le, Chocolate, Yo Quiero, America Baila, Guantanamera and more. 11 songs.

#PUT201 CD $15.98

Latin Playground Activity Kit

Latin Playground Activity Kit (English/Spanish)

Celebrate Latin American cultures with this uplifting and educational musical journey for children. Consumer Kit: Includes Latin Playground CD, 64 page activity guide and a children's passport journal.

#PUT201KT KIT $19.98

Classroom Kit: Included Latin Playground CD, 64-page activity guide, 25 children's passport journals and a map.

#PUT201CL KIT $49.98

French Playground

French Playground

A musical journey of fun French and French Creole songs. French Playground reflects the rich variety of Francophone music. It features 12 songs by artists from France, The Caribbean, Africa, Quebec, Haiti with liner notes in English and French. Songs include Lutece, Wonderful, Bonjour, Bonjour, La P'tite Monnaie, Monsieur Bibendum and more. 12 songs.

#PUT242 CD $15.98

African Playground

African Playground - BEST SELLER!

A musical expedition to Africa! Filled with great songs by artists from Senegal to South Africa. Upbeat rhythms and appealing melodies. Accessibly presented cultural information and musical fun facts. Informative multi-lingual liner notes, song lyrics and cultural information. Songs include: Battu, Jambo Bwana, Sing Lo Lo, Kalimba, Hoya Hoya, Munomuno, Laba, Laba, Lango Mo and more. 13 songs.

#PUT207 CD $15.98

Folk Playground

Folk Playground

Features fun songs from many of America's leading children's musicians and other well-known artist. Songs include: This Old Man, Sheep, Just Kidding, Got No Strings, Hop Up Ladies, Polly Wolly Doddle, Crawdad, Froggie Went a Courtin. 12 songs.

#PUT250 CD $15.98

Reggae Playground

Reggae Playground - BEST SELLER!

A jammin' reggae party for the whole family featuring Rita Marley, Toots and the Maytals and other reggae artist from around the world. Liner notes in English, Spanish, French, German. Songs: Let's Dance, Le Vieil Elephant, Rootsman Dread, Here Comes The Sun, Mouse In the House, Take Me Home Country Roads. 13 songs.

#PUT246 CD $15.98

 Caribbean Playground

Caribbean Playground - BEST SELLER!

Features diverse music such as zouk from the French Caribbean, soca from Trinidad, reggae from Jamaica, bomba from Puerto Rico and more. A joyous celebration of Caribbean Music with liner notes in English/Spanish/French. Songs include: All Aboard, Jamaica Farewell, Salutations, Great Big Boat, Train in Coming, Three Little Birds and more! 11 songs.

#PUT226 CD $15.98

New Orleans Playground

New Orleans Playground

New Orleans is one of the world's great cultural crossroads! With its frequent parades, festivals and non-stop music making! Songs include: Choo Choo Oh'Boogie, They All Ask'd For You, Skip To My Blues, Ya Ya, Second Line, Row Row Row Your Boat, When The Saints Go Marching In.

#PUT257 CD $15.98

World Playground Set~

7 recordings of WORLD PLAYGROUND CD's. Set includes: World Playground, World Playground 2, African Playground, French Playground, Latin Playground, Reggae Playground, Caribbean Playground. Save $16.86.

#PUT7SET 7/CDs $95.00

Holidays and Special Times

Swing Around The World

Appropriate for the children, families and the classroom, this collection of 12 jazzy numbers will bring everybody to their feet, dancing and swaying to the infectious beats of artist from a variety of countries and cultures. Songs include: I Van Enkullu, Mari Nica Swing, Gypsy Fire, Mamma Mi Place il Ritmo, Pallin' With Al, Blue Drag, Hey Rock.

#PUT239 CD $15.98

Sing Along With Putumayo

Sing Along With Putumayo

Features a star-studded cast of artists singing classic folk and blues songs. Arlo Guthrie, Taj Mahal, Dan Zanes, Keb Mo' and others offer a mix of folk, blues, bluegrass, swing and reggae to which children and their families can easily sing along. Songs Include: Bling-Blang, Bananaphone, Man Gave Names to All the Animals, Red Red Robin, The Bellybutton Song, You Are My Sunshine, I Will Be Your Friend.

#PUT222 CD $15.98

Putumayo Dreamland Series~

African Dreamland

African Dreamland – Newest Title

The soothing sounds presented on this collection features vocal and instrumental blends from Cameroon to Cape Verde. Songs include: Nomathemba (South Africa), Lonnon (Cameroon), Douyore (Guinea), Agalilala (Uganda), Llsa Cheme (Zimbabwe). 11 Songs.

#PUT277 CD $15.98

Celtic Dreamland

Celtic Dreamland

Celtic music has long been known for both its danceable jigs and reels and its tranquil beautiful melodies. This CD focuses on the softer side of Celtic music, harvested from the rich musical traditions of Ireland, Scotland, Eastern Canada and beyond. Celtic Dreamland features songs that are perfect for the slumbering child and quiet relaxation for adults. Songs include: Dream Angus (Canada) Goodnight and Joy (Scotland), The Dove’s Return (Ireland), Ye Banks and Braes (Scotland), When Juniper Sleeps (USA). 10 songs.

#PUT272 CD $15.98



World lullabies and soothing songs with liner notes in English, Spanish, French. Songs from Africa, Europe, North and South America and Asia. Dreamland features beautiful, universally appealing songs that will create a calm ambiance for people of all ages.

#PUT211 CD $15.98

Asian Dreamland

Asian Dreamland

This CD offers soothing and musically intriguing songs from countries as diverse as Japan, China, India and even the Siberian republic of Tatarstan. A harmonious collection of tranquil lullabies and soothing songs from ancient Asian lands.

#PUT259 CD $15.98

Dreamland Series Dreamland Series
Dreamland Series Dreamland Series

Putumayo Dreamland Series (set of 4)

All four of the Dreamland Series: African Dreamland, Celtic Dreamland, Asian Dreamland, Dreamland (descriptions listed above).

#NSMDL4 4/CD set $52.00

More World Music CDs~

World Party

World Party - BEST SELLER!

World Music celebration in many languages!!!
Songs include: Nadrasti Hiloua (My Sweet School)-Morocco, Joyita Andina (Little Andean Jewel)-Chile, Awimbowe-South Africa, Pajarillo Verde (Little Green Bird)-Venezuela, Arkadasim (The Friends)-Central Asia, Sambahia-Brazil. 15 songs.

#M73936 CD $15.98

Feet - A Global Dance Party

Feet - A Global Dance Party

Your feet will move, your toes will tap, your body will sway as you listen and dance to this wonderful recording of contemporary dance music from around the world. Songs include: Tiempo Libre (Cuba), Shabas (India), Ojos de Brujo (Spain), Natacha Atlas (Egypt), Soukous Stars (Congo) Mac Umbra (Scotland). 13 Songs.

#CD1010 CD $16.98

Ellipsis Art World Lullabies~

Ellipsis Art is highly acclaimed for crafting the world's finest music compilations, which honor traditional roots and yet capture the most contemporary artistic expressions of various cultures, and for many award-winning Lullabies from Around The World.

African Dreams

African Dreams - BEST SELLER!

A collection of emotional and moving songs from all over Africa performed by the most prestigious African musicians. Lyrics in various languages, music using traditional instruments. Songs include: Laia Mbube (The Lion Sleeps Tonight), Soulange (Congo), Muhamadou Salieu Suso (West African), Tigist Shibabaw (Ethiopian), Sammy (Madagascar). 17 Songs.

#CD4530 CD $15.98

African Lullaby

African Lullaby - BEST SELLER!

Reflects the warmth, musical richness and soothing rhythms of the African continent. Sung in the traditional language of Mali, Uganda, Kenya and more.

#CD4240 CD $15.98

Celtic Dreams

Celtic Dreams

Offers a pillow-soft assortment of sleepy vocals and instrumentals from 5 Celtic nations. Authentic lyrics, sung in English, Irish, Manx, Scots Gaelic, Welsh. Songs include: Castle of Dromore (Ireland), Pais Dinogad (Wales), Leanabh An Aigh (Scotland). 15 songs.

#CD4520 CD $15.98

Celtic Lullaby

Celtic Lullaby

Cradlesongs from Ireland, Scotland and Wales. Lovely multi-part harmonies, a cappella solos and instruments on harps and flutes. A treasury of poetic Celtic sound!

#CD4210 CD $15.98

Cuban Lullaby

Cuban Lullaby

Gentle, sweet voices and unhurried rhythms of traditional lullabies rich in heritage. Lullabies on this album reflect Cuba's unique blend of African and Spanish cultures, with a broad range of Cuban musical styles, from intimate renditions of traditional lullabies to elegant jazz and classical inspirations to Afro-Cuban cabaret stylings. 16 songs.

#CD4280 CD $15.98

Mother Earth Lullaby

Mother Earth Lullaby

Original and traditional lullabies from around the world!!! Songs from Brazil, Italy, U.S., Mexico, Ireland, Argentina, France, Cuba, Sicily, Russia, India, Zimbabwae, Spain, Venezuela, Ireland. 17 Songs.

#CD4293 CD $15.98

A World of Love

A World Of Love - 3 CD SET

Original and traditional lullabies in a 3-CD collection remind us that we all share a common love for our children. Sung in native tongues of Italy, Russia, Spain, Brazil, France, Denmark, Ireland, Cuba, India, Venezuela, Greece, Puerto Rico and many others. Each CD contains a 24- page booklet with includes the original lyrics and English translations.

#CD4510 3/CD Set $29.95

Latin Lullaby

Latin Lullaby - BEST SELLER!

Latin Lullaby taps into the rich musical heritage of Mexico, Brazil, Spain, Cuba andmore. These cradle songs contain the romantic mystical and playful musical styles that make Latin music adored around the world. 17 Songs.

#CD4180 CD $15.98

Lullabies for a Small World

Lullabies for a Small World - BEST SELLER!

Sleepy collection of lullabies from around the world! Original lullabies from Italy, Mexico, Brazil, Russia, U.S., France, Denmark, Argentina, Cameroon, Ukraine and Spain. Sung in native tongue. 24-page booklet includes the original lyrics and English translations. 14 songs.

#CD4500 CD $15.98

Brazilian Lullaby

Brazilian Lullaby

Rarely heard sounds in Brazilian Lullaby reflect the richness, beauty and entrancing rhythms of this South American culture. Gentle bossa novas, soothing sertanejo and a song from the Guarani Indians recorded in the rain forest. 17 Songs.

#CD4250 CD $15.98

Mediterranean Lullaby

Mediterranean Lullaby

Collection features soothing traditional lullabies from throughout the Mediterranean region recorded by local artists in each country. Song lyrics included in the original language as well as English translations. Songs from: Greece, Spain, Italy, Israel, Morocco, and Lebanon. 15 Songs.

#CD4290 CD $15.98

Tropical Lullaby

Tropical Lullaby

A collection of authentic dreamy lullabies. Accompanied by soothing guitars, flutes, gentle steel drums and percussion, piano hang pan, cuatro and ukulele. Sung in native tongues of Hawaii, Brazil, Cuba, Trinidad, Haiti, Cuba, Guadeloupe, Columbia, Martinique, Tahiti and the Bahamas. 16 songs.

#CD4540 CD $15.98

World Music for Little Ears

World Music for Little Ears - BEST SELLER!

People from around the globe share each other's beauty and culture in this collection of World Music. Ease your little ones to sleep with gentle lyrics sung in the native tongues of Ireland, Brazil, Wales, Africa, Nova Scotia, Cuba and more. 16 songs.

#CD4260 CD $15.98

The World Sings Goodnight

The World Sings Goodnight - BEST SELLER!

33 World lullabies sung in Native voices!!! Lullabies from: Argentina, Nepal, Indonesia, France, Japan, Switzerland, Egypt, Ethiopia, USA-Native American, Senegal, China, Korea and more!!!!

#SD803 CD $16.98

The World Sings Goodnight #2

The World Sings Goodnight #2

32 more World lullabies sung in Native voices!! Lullabies from: Lebanon, Ireland, Mali, Basque, Netherlands, Argentina, Armenia, Hawaii, Iran, Vietnam, Serria, Sudan, Poland, USA-Shaker, England, Brazil and more!!

#SD909 CD $16.98

The World Sings Goodnight
The World Sings Goodnight #2

The World Sings Goodnight

Complete set of 2 - 65 lullabies in Native voices. World Sings Goodnight & World Sings Goodnight #2.

#SD1712 2/CD $27.99

Koto World Recordings~

Oyasumi’ - Good Night

Oyasumi' - Good Night

Japanese lullabies and restful melodies mostly sung in Japanese. Performed by Dragonfly, this recording carries listeners to a place of quiet peace. Excellent Recording!!!! 16 songs.

#KW005 CD $15.98

Island Dreams

Island Dreams - Songs and Lullabies Carried On The Wind

Acoustic music from Japan, Okinawa, Hawaii and beyond! Uplifting and nurturing as an ocean breeze. Performed by Dragonfly - vocals and guitars, Japanese koto, Mako, Okinawan sanshin and ukulele. 13 songs.

#KW009 CD $15.98

More World Lullabies~

Chinese Lullabies

Chinese Lullabies

The sounds of the Beijing Angelic Choir (singing in Chinese) bring a sweet and special delight to every note of the melodies collected from different regions in China and Taiwan. Despite difference in language and musical style, Chinese and other lullabies from around the world create the same feelings of tenderness and comfort. 12 songs.

#M3183D CD $16.98

Lullabies Around The World

Lullabies Around The World - BEST SELLER!

This recording presents lullabies from around the world. Tender songs that are traditionally part of a child's bedtime routine. Each one was recorded in its country of origin. Songs from: Argentina, Philippines, China, Greece, Italy, Finland (Lapland), Native American, Vietnam, Senegal and more. 20 songs.

#PS66409 CD $15.98

Native American~

Songs About Native Americans

Songs About Native Americans (ages 4-8)

Songs teach the importance of honoring and preserving ancient Indian heritage. Songs include: Sun and Rain, A Work of Art, A Place Called Home, America Honors You, The Circle Of Life, An Indian Village. 12 songs.

#KIM9132 CD $15.95

Tribal Winds

Tribal Winds

For millennia, the wind has whistled and roared across the vast prairies and deserts of North America. The wind imitated by the flutes fashioned by this continent’s indigenous peoples. Now the highly regarded masters of the American Indian flute have been brought together on this unique intertribal collection. Evocative songs of celebration blend elegantly with the sounds of nature in this soothing tribute to one of America’s oldest musical traditions. Songs include: Creator’s Prayer, Circle of Life, Eagle Dance Song, First Flute Song, Along The River, Wind In My Mind. 13 songs.

#EB42583 CD $14.98

Black Lodge Singers

Black Lodge Singers – Kids’ Pow-Wow Songs

Twelve playful songs made by the Black Lodge Singers for kids of all ages to dance to during pow-wow or just for fun. Songs include: Mighty Mouse, Flintstones, Mickey Mouse, Bunny Hop, Monster Mash, Tiny Tots Contest Song, Kuma Matata. 13 songs.

#CR6274 CD $16.98

Black Lodge

Black Lodge - More Kid’s Pow-Wow Songs

Grammy Nominee for Best Native American Music Album. Songs include: Sponge Bob Square Pants, Scooby Doo, Old MacDonald Had A Farm, Barbie’s Round Dances, Elmo’s World, Brother Bear, Prayer Song. 11 songs.

#CR6387 CD $16.98

Little Child Sleep Well

Little Child Sleep Well (Mino-nibaa Abinoojiins)

Soothe your little ones of all ages to peaceful sleep with traditional Cree and Ojibway Lullabies gently performed on Native Flute. Songs include: Don’t Cry My Child, Little Star, Baby Song, I Love You My Child, Dreams in The Wind, 12 Songs.

#AR1212 CD $16.98

Under the Green Corn Moon

Under The Green Corn Moon

Under the Green Corn Moon shared and preserves a part of Native American culture and will prove to be an educational and enjoyable listening experience for both children and adults. The performers are various Indian nations all over North America performing traditional lullabies, which have been passed down through many generations.

#SC916 CD $16.98


We Are America's Children

We Are America's Children

Ella and a children's chorus celebrate America's diversity and history in folk songs, blues, hymns and civil rights and Historic songs. Songs include: We Are Native American Tribes, Ezekiel Saw The Wheel, Ol' Texas, This Land Is Your Land, In 1776, Happy Birthday America and more.

#SFW45006 CD $15.98

A Child’s Celebration of The World

A Child’s Celebration of The World

Performed by a dozen top performing artist, this recording spans the world from South Africa to the USA. Song styles include: folk, Cajun, Irish, Italian, African-American. Songs include: Like Me and You/ Raffi, Banana Boat Song/ Taj Mahal, Anishanabe/Bill Miller, Italian Rhyme/Maria Mudaur, Counting in Swahili, Counting in Japanese, Counting in Spanish/ Sweet Honey and The Rock. 18 songs.

#MFLP75341 CD $15.98

Celebration of America

Celebration of America

A Patriotic collection of a taste of American Music. Sung by folk and country artist, as well as orchestral and choral pieces. Songs include: Home On The Range/ Nickel Creek, This Land Is Your Land/ The Weavers, God Bless America/ LeAnee Rimes, America The Beautiful/ The Limelighters.

#MFLP78221 CD $15.98

Songs About America

Songs About America/ Celebrating America’s History

21 great songs span over 200 years of memorable times in America’s history. Learn facts about geography, historic moments, famous peoples, and more. Songs sung by children and Adults. Songs include: Coming to America, Paul Revere Speech (excerpt) and Yankee Doodle, Star Spangled Banner, Yellow Rose of Texas, ABC States Song, Wabash Cannonball, Home On The Range, Erie Canal, The Statue of Liberty, Speech Excerpt, 1963 Martin Luther King, If I Had. Lyrics, guide included.

#KIM9171 CD $15.95

Patriotic Songs & Marches

Patriotic Songs & Marches

Familiar and beloved patriotic songs and instrumental marches reflect the history of America. You will find these songs uplifting and unifying. Includes Pomp and Circumstance for graduation time. Songs include: Yankee Doodle, Yankee Doodle Dandy, The Caissons Go Rolling Along, Hail To Chief, Marine’s Hymn, This Land Is Your Land, Star Spangled Banner, God Bless America. 18 songs. Lyrics in guide.

#KIM9125 CD $15.95

Patriotic Songs of the USA

Patriotic Songs of the USA (K-6th)

Start with the Pledge of Allegiance and then move on to the National Anthem. Everything from Reveille to Taps is included among this collection of patriotic and military favorites. Others include: Starts and Stripes, America The Beautiful, The Armed Forces Theme Songs and more.

#MHD44 CD $15.95

Henry Buzz Glass & Rosemary Hallum~

Around the World in Dance

Around The World In Dance

A variety of fresh, lively, and easy to teach dance experiences for young children. Children will enjoy these dances with different accents and vibrations representing a living heritage of our cultural blend. Songs include: Hornpipe, Mowrah Cawkah, Cherkessia, Cissy, Hokey Pokey, Rabbit and the Fox, Hokey Pokey, Bingo.

#CD542 CD $15.95

Dance Around the World

Dance Around The World

A wide variety of international dances selected for their unique national color in movement and music. All dances are practical for use in school and recreation. Recorded in national styles, each song uses authentic instruments of the various countries. The dances are interesting and varied, while technically easy to perform and interpret. They can bet taught quickly and understood by students easily.

Songs include: Never on Sunday (Greece), Doudlebska Polka (Czech), Native American Friendship Dance (USA), Chinese Friendship Dance (China), Nixie Dance (Denmark).

#CD572 CD $15.95

Catherine Slonecki~

Children’s Songs Around The World

Children's Songs Around The World

Recording helps your class sing, dance and move to songs from around the world. Songs include: Cielito Lindo (Mexico), Sambalele (Brazil), O Desay (Northern Africa), also songs from Austria, Russia, Israel, China, Canada.

DVD: Children can see the country, sing the songs and feel the atmosphere in this on-the-scene global DVD. Teacher's guide and activity masters are included in the DVD.

#CD56 CD $15.95
#CD56SDVD DVD/CD $62.95

Holiday Songs Around the World

Holiday Songs Around the World

Explore the magic of holidays from all corners of the globe. Some songs are sun in their native language as well as in English. Songs include: Chiapanecas (Mexico), Dreydl Song (Israel), Feliz Navidad (Puerto Rico), Carol Of The Bells (Ukraine), Feast of Lanterns (China), also songs from USA, Nigeria, Dakota Indian, Brazil and more.

DVD: introduces children to holiday songs, customs, languages and movements from many countries. Teacher's guide and activity masters are included in the DVD.

#CD54 CD $15.95
#CD54SDVD DVD/CD $62.95

Kimbo Educational Recordings~

Folk Dance Fun

Folk Dance Fun (ages 5-9)

Popular folk songs and dances from many lands in easy-to-learn styles. Songs include: Virginia Reel, Mexican Hat Dance, Greek Zorba Dance, German Clapping Dance, Irish Jig, Tarentella and more. Includes some instrumental tracks. Guide with lyrics and instructions. 18 songs.

#KIM7037 CD $15.95

Children Of The World

Children Of The World by Georgiana Stewart (ages 5-10)

Songs, dances, rhythms and games from other lands come to life as children learn about different cultures. Guide with lyrics and activities. Songs include: Yolanda, Haitian Alphabet Song, The Dreidel Song, Funiculi Funicula, Pata Pata, Love Makes the World Go Round. 16 songs.

#KIM923 CD $15.95

A World of Parachute Play

A World of Parachute Play (ages 4-8)

Features songs from around the world and unique parachute activities that reflect the culture of the country. Guide and lyrics and instructions. Songs include: He's Got the Whole World in His Hands, Casatchok, Hava Nagila, Macarena, Tumbalalaika, Chinese New Year, Star Trek. 15 Songs.

#KIM9146 CD $15.95

Children's Folk Dances

Children's Folk Dances (ages 4-8)

A cross-cultural collection of popular and unusual folk dances covers the world from America to Scotland, Korea, Russia, Switzerland and other countries. Extended curriculum with dances and creative play. Guide with lyrics and instructions. Songs include: Polly Wolly Doodle, Jump Jim Jo, Unite Unite/Hobby Horse Parade, Troika, Schottische, Fado, Tarantella Doll, Carousel and more. 21 songs.

#KIM9149 CD $15.95

Multicultural Rhythm Stick Fun

Multicultural Rhythm Stick Fun (ages 3-7)

Multicultural awareness and rhythmic activities using rhythm Sticks. Authentic folk tunes and songs from around the world set the stage for easy rhythm stick activities. Music from Vietnam, Puerto Rico, Russia, Japan, India, China, West Africa, Mexico, Israel, Germany and more. Guide with lyrics and instructions. 22 songs.

#KIM9128 CD $15.95

Reggae for Kids Series~

Reggae for Kids- Various Artists

Reggae for Kids - Various Artists - BEST SELLER!

A reggae CD for kids!!!! Top Jamaican artist perform a variety of children's classics - recorded fresh Jamaican style. Songs include: This Old Man, Reggae Rock, 3 Little Birds, Jamaica Jamaica, Back To School, Joy To The World. 13 songs.

#RAS3095 CD $15.98

More Reggae For Kids - Various Artists

More Reggae For Kids - Various Artists

More reggae songs for kids!!!! Songs include: Day-O, Hush Daddy's Baby, Children Of The World, Big Ship, What The World Needs Now, One Love, Hello Goodbye. 14 songs.

#RAS3232 CD $15.98

Reggae For Kids Movie Classics - Various Artists

Reggae For Kids Movie Classics - Various Artists

Your favorite Disney Sound Tracks - reggae style. Songs include: Hakuna Matata (from The Lion King), Under The Sea (from The Little Mermaid), When I See An Elephant Fly (from Dumbo), Colors Of The Wind (from Pocahonts) Beauty And The Beast (from Beauty And the Beast). 13 songs.

#RAS3258 CD $15.98

Reggae For Kids Instrumentals - Various Artists

Reggae For Kids Instrumentals - Various Artists

Instrumental selections from Reggae For Kids, More Reggae For Kids, Reggae For Kids - Disney Classics. 19 songs.

#RAS3298 CD $15.98

Reggae for Kids - 4 CD SET

Save when you order this set of 4 CD's. Reggae For Kids, More Reggae For Kids, Reggae For Kids - Disney Collection, Reggae For Kids - Instrumentals.

#RAS004 4/CD $54.00

Many of the artists we feature on our Web site have multicultural songs on their recordings. Please visit our artist pages for: