Charlotte DiamondCharlotte Diamond

Charlotte Diamond's music, as well as being fun and singable, inspires children to care for each other and celebrate the diversity of our cultural mosaic with songs! All of her recordings are Award Winners!!!!!!

Charlotte is trilingual and has recordings in English, French and Spanish. Her recording "10 Carrot Diamond" is a best-seller and is a Certified Gold Record in Canada.

10 Carrot Diamond

10 Carrot Diamond - Best Seller

Four Hugs A Day, I Wanna Be A Dog, The Garden Song, Looking For Dracula, Stella,Stella,Oga, Sasquatch, Spiders Web, May There Always Be Sunshine, Zing,Zing,Zing, Octopus (Slippery Fish), I Am A Pizza, Embrasse quatre fois, Each Of Us Is A Flower, What Did I have To Have A Sister?, Love Me For Who I Am, 10 Crunchy Carrots, J'ai perdu le “do" de ma clarinette.

#CD317 CD $15.98

Diamonds and Dragons

Diamonds & Dragons

Dragons and Dinosaurs, Dicky,Dicky,Dinosuar, Slimy The Slug, Earth, Water, Air, Fire, I Want A Purple Kitty For My Birthday-Mom, Fly High Unicorn, The Imp with Blood-red Eyes, Stop and Listen, Hello Winter, Rubber Blubber Whale, Animals Have Personality, Co-operation, Lucky Streak, You Can Make A Miracle.

#CD320 CD $15.98

Diamond in the Rough

Diamond In the Rough

The Hug Bug, Collinda, Boa Constrictor, The Foolish Frog, What Kind Of Tree Are You?, Donne-moi la main, Close Your Eyes, Metamorphosis, Sing in The Spring, La Bastrinque, The Laundry, The Days Of The Week, Goin' Metric, You Never Praise Me Enough

#CD318 CD $15.98

My Bear Gruff

My Bear Gruff

Songs: My Bear Gruff, It's A Rainy Day, Listen to the Water, Wildflowers, Two Books, All the Nations Like Banana, Puddles, 5 Little Sparrows, Procrastination, Y'a un chat (The Cat at the Door) and more.

#CD322 CD $15.98

Charlotte Diamond's World CD

Charlotte Diamond's World

Singin' In The Rain, Splishin' and Splashin, We Need Water, I Am A Bubble, My School Is The World, All Mixed Up, New Potato Polka, Snuggle With Your Puppy, Patience, Giddy-up Pony, Two Good Reasons, Look Through The Kaleidoscope, Leave The World A Little Better,Skookumshuck, When The Tide Goes Out, Circles (All My Life's A Circle by Harry Chapin).

#CD109 CD $15.98

Diamonds and Daydreams

Diamonds and Daydreams

Songs: Roots and Wings, One Dream, Hush Little Baby, Everyday Angel, A Mother is Forever, My Favorite Things, Morningtown Ride, Sh! Sh! Fingers, Suo Gan (Welsh Lullaby) All Through The Night and more.

#CD324 CD $15.98

Soy una Pizza

Soy una Pizza

Songs: Que Buena Suerte, Soy una Pizza, Somos como las Flores, Cuatro Abrazos al dia, La Bamba, Un Pulpito Tengo una Muneca, Arroz con Leche, La Tela de Arana, Estaba la Muerte un dia, Di Dinosaurios, De Colores, Quiereme por lo que soy, Mi Caramelita, Todo lo que quiero es Paz, Himno a la Algria, Toma mi Mano.

#CD323 CD $15.98

Todo el Mundo Come Banana (All The Nations Like Banana)

Todo el Mundo Come Banana (All The Nations Like Banana)

20 songs in Spanish. Escucha el Agua (Listen To The Water), Para Que el Mundo Sea Mejor (Leave The World A Little Better), Quiero ser un Perro (I Wanna Be A Dog), Soy una Burbuja (I Am A Bubble), and traditional songs: Cielito Lindo, Mi Caballo Blanco, Al Tambor and more!!!

#CD329 CD $15.98

The Christmas Gift

The Christmas Gift

Celebrate the holidays with this wonderful CD. International family classic's with Silver Bells, Zulu Carol, Feliz Navidad and Silent Night.

#CD321 CD $15.98

Musical Treasures Songbook

Musical Treasures

88-page songbook with activities for teachers and families. Music for Piano and Guitar for 22 songs in English, French and Spanish, plus discussion ideas, crafts, actions and sign language. Songs include: Spider's Web, Octopus (Slippery Fish), I Am a Pizza, Four Hugs a Day, The Hug Bug, Zulu Carol, La Bamba, 10 Crunchy Carrots, May There Always Be Sunshine.

#CD105 BOOK $21.95
#CD106 BOOK/CD $31.95

World of Music Songbook

World of Music Songbook

108-page songbook with activities for teachers and families. Music for piano and guitar for 28 songs in English, French and Spanish, plus discussion ideas, crafts, actions and sign language. Songs include: I Wanna Be A Dog, My School is the World, Animals Have Personality, Listen to the Water, 5 Little Sparrows, Roots and Wings, Cooperation, All The Nation's Like Bananas.

#CD107 BOOK $21.95
#CD108 BOOK/CD $31.95

Nous Sommes Tous Comme Les Fleurs

Nous Sommes Tous Comme Les Fleurs

Charlotte's well-known songs translated to French, Songs: Le Hug Bug, Di,Di, Dinosaure, Nous sommes fous comme le fleurs, Dix belles carottes, Touf le monde aimes les banaes, Mon ecole est le monde (written of UNICEF), Petit Pap Noel, A la volette.

#CD104 CD $15.98

10 Crunchy Carrots

10 Crunchy Carrots - DVD

10 Favorite songs from Juno Award winning CD. Songs include Four Hugs A Day, I Am A Pizza, Octopus (Slippery Fish), Sasquatch and I Wanna Be A Dog, 30 minutes.

#CD103 DVD $15.98

Diamonds & Dragons DVD

Diamonds & Dragons - DVD/VHS

10 Favorite songs from Charlotte's award-winning CD's. Songs include: The Hug Bug, Dicky Dinosaur, Lucky Streak, The Laundry and Slimy the Slug. 30 minutes.

#CD102 DVD $15.98
#CD101 VHS $15.98