Colleen and Uncle SquatyColleen and Uncle Squaty

Colleen Hannafin and Brian Schellinger

Colleen and Brian have been performing, teaching, writing and recording music and movement songs for over 20 years together. They perform for schools and family events throughout the Midwest, singing and moving with thousands of children yearly!!! Their keynote presentations and workshops take them across the US, working with early childhood and school-age teachers, sharing their original and traditional music and movement. They have award-winning recordings for the classroom teacher, children and their families. They also have written and published over 20 Song Cards with props.

Visit our Songcard-A-Props featuring puppets or wood props for songs on: Shake It Down, Turn Around CD. Songs: 3 Little Smelly Skunks; 5 Tall Giraffes; 5 Tall Giraffes Standing In The Sun; 5 Jungle Monkeys; The Shape Song.

Sing-A-Move-A-Dance at the 3-R Ranch

Sing-A-Move-A-Dance at the 3-R Ranch

Listen and move to our collection of fun-filled songs reinforcing literacy and literacy concepts through Rhythm, Rhyme and Repetition!

Songs: 3R Dance (Rock and Roll Movement), 3R Ranch (Americana Style / Rhythm, Rhyme, Repetition); Mother Gooney Bird (Lively Sequencing/Movement); Body Pointing (Balance and Coordination); On My Farm (Country Style / Farm Theme); Alice In Icketyland (Story Song / Nonsensical Icketys); The Streamer Song (Movement With Streamers); All Around The Pond (Nature / Sing Along); Walkin' In The Woods (Counting Woodland Animals); What Color Did You Wear? (Folk/Bluegrass / Movement and Colors); At The Zoo (Jazz Style / Zoo Theme); Uncle Squaty's Train Tune (Hot Country); Dream Big / You'll Find It In A Book (Blues and Latin Pop); Uncle Squaty's Train Tune 2 (Bonus Track) (Mountain/Bluegrass style).

#CUS008 CD $15.00

Family Favorites

Family Favorites

“Family Favorites” is a special collection of Award-winning songs taken from our previous 6 CD releases. Each song will delight children and their families. Songs: Alice The Beagle, Scratch Your Head, I Got A Wiggle, If I Were, Be Good To Your Body, The Fox, Three Little Smelly Skunks, Buddy, Lorilei’s Birthday, My Dog Pepper, 1,2,3, Four-ever Friends, Until The Next Time (We Say Hello). 12 songs.

#CUS007 CD $15.00

Shake It Down, Turn Around

Shake It Down, Turn Around

Songs: Shake It Down-Turn Around (rock n’ roll movement), 5 Jungle Monkeys (fingerplay/action song), Head and Shoulders (clapping game), 3 Little Smelly Skunks (short version- fingerplay story song), 3 Little Smelly Skunks (long version-with Skunk rapper interview), Numbers In A Circle (5) (circle game- bluegrass), Numbers In A Circle (10) (circle game-bluegrass), Roly Poly #2 (Rock n’ Roll movement- right/left), I’ve Gotta Dance (Rock n’ Roll Dances). The Line-Up Song (line-up activity), 5 Tall Giraffes (finger / prop-play – addition), 5 Tall Giraffes-Standing In The Sun (prop-play-math), Sharky’s Song (Clean-up Story- Surf-Rock), Be Good To Your Body-Naturally (Healthy Concepts), Colored Horses (7 colors/ Country & Cowboy), Until The Next Time – We Say Hello (Goodbye in 12 languages). 17 songs.

#CUS006 CD $15.00



Songs include: Sing-A-Move-A-Dance, Elephants Have Wrinkles, See-Saw, Alice the Beagle, Pickin' It Up, What Dance You Wanna Do?, Barnyard Boogie, Movin' Round the Room, Ukulele Blue Yodel, Scratch Your Head, Lorilei's Birthday, I Can Hold On. 12 songs.

Awards: “Parents Choice Award” Winner and “IParenting Media Award”.

Sing-A-Move-A-Dance is a recommended recording by Chicago Parent, School Library Journal, Something Musical Happened At The Library by Rob Reid (ALA Publication) and various ALA Publications.

#CUS005CD CD $15.00

Movin' Party


Songs: Movin' Party (Rock n’ Roll- movement). Move-A-Roni (movement-circle song), Little Johnny Brown (blanket-circle game), Save (Earth Day Song), If I Were (Lullaby about pretending), Dancer in the Middle (Funk/rap circle game), Sho Lie Loo, (African American-call/response circle song), Sho Lie Loo (teacher version-no names), You'd Better Run (Blues Safety Song), Big Ship Sailing (Scottish–line/circle song), Circle of Friends (Polka-circle song) Che Che Kooley (Ghana- line/circle dance/game), Che Che Kooley (Instrumental). 13 songs.

Movin’ Party is recommended by School Library Journal, Chicago Parent and various ALA Publications.

#CUS004CD CD $15.00
#CUS004CA Cassette $5.00 (clearance)

Rumble to the Bottom


Songs include: Rumble to the Bottom, Shake It, My Dog Pepper, Little Arabella Miller, Fleas, Dicky Birds, The Windmill Song, Hoosh-Tah, Bay-Bah, Goin' to the Country, This is the Way We Ride, Pony Ride, Three Short-Necked Buzzards, Tony Chesnut, Rumble Hula, Ants, Wave Goodbye.

Awards: “Parents Choice Award” winner. Rumble To The Bottom is a recommended recording by Chicago Parent, School Library Journal, Something Musical Happened At The Library- by Rob Reid (ALA Publication) and various ALA Publications.

#CUS003CD CD $15.00

1, 2, 3, Four-ever Friends


Songs include: Way Over There, When I First Came to This Land, Finger Family, Buddy, I Got a Wiggle, The Rain Song, Hay to Hoo, WI Dairy Polka, Show Biz Bear, Toe Town, 1,2,3, Four-Ever Friends. 11 songs.

Awards: “Parent Choice Award”and “Early Childhood Directors Award” (Early Childhood Magazine).

1,2,3, Four-Ever Friends is a recommended recording by School Library Journal, Something Musical Happened At The Library- by Rob Reid (ALA Publication) and various ALA Publications.

#CUS002CD CD $15.00
#CUS002CA Cassette $5.00 (clearance)

Fingerplays, Movement & Story Songs


Songs include: The Night Froggies Flew, Uncle Squaty Went Yodeling, Wiggle the Wool, The Fox, Roly-Poly, Summertime/Wintertime, Jaws, Tommy Thumbs, Let's Clap Our Hands Together, Shady Grove.

#CUS001CD CD $15.00

Shake It Down- Turn Around Sing-A-Move-A-Dance
Rumble To The Bottom 1,2,3,Four-ever Friends
Movin’ Party Fingerplay, Movement & Story Songs

Colleen & Uncle Squaty Collection

Includes six recordings: Shake It Down-Turn Around, Sing-A-Move-A-Dance, Movin’ Party, Rumble To The Bottom, 1,2,3 Four-ever Friends, Fingerplay, Movement & Story Songs.

#CUS009 6/CD Set $70.00