Dance and Fitness

Aerobic's and Workout~

Aerobic Club For Kids

Aerobic Club For Kids (ages 4-10)

A fun and effective program to build lifetime fitness skills. Includes a warm-up, strength exercises, aerobics and stretches. Songs include: Ghostbusters, Girls Just Want To Have Fun, Footloose, Let's Hear It For The Boy and more. Guide included.

#KIM1230 CD $15.95

Aerobics For Kids

Aerobics For Kids (ages 4-8)

A vigorous 18-minute program that includes warm-ups, flexibility and conditioning, endurance activities and a cool down. Guide included. Songs include: Easy Warm-up Exercises, Flexibility Exercises, Moderate Endurance Exercises, Strength Exercises, Vigorous Endurance Exercises, Cool Down Exercises. Instrumentals include: Slow Down Mama, Sunset of Your Love, Funky Fiesta, Flying Wedge, Sweet Singing Samba and Bouncing Back To You.

#KIM7043 CD $15.95

A Thriller For Kids

A Thriller For Kids (ages 4-9)

Warm-ups, stretches, jogging, a cool-down, plus easy-to-follow verbal cues. Guide included. Songs include: Flashdance, Beat It, Billie Jean, Thriller. Instruction and music: Warm-up (stretching and clapping), Head-Shoulder-Rib-cage Warm-ups, Arm Circles, Leg and Back Stretch, Kick, Jump, Skip Jog, and more.

#KIM7065 CD $15.95

Fitness Fun For Kids

Fitness Fun For Kids (Pre-K to 2nd)

Kids learn rhythm and coordination patterns as they move to easy steps. Ideal for small spaces. Vocal instructions announce steps but “music only" versions also included. Guide. Songs include: Disco Fun, Easy Walk, Slow Stomp, Knock Knee Bump, Hands Up Boggie, Heel Twist Hustle, and more.

#KIM9180 CD $15.95

Get A Good Start

Get A Good Start (ages 3-7)

Short and easy exercises develop kids physically as they naturally respond to music and movement. Guide included. Songs include: 8 Vocal Tracks: Warm-up Time, Jumping Jack, Bendable-Stretchable, Ready-Set-Go, Simon Says Jog Along, Angels In The Snow and more. 8 Instrumental tracks: If You're Happy & You Know It, Looby Loo, Skip To My Lou, Frere Jacques, and more.

#KIM7054 CD $15.95

Get Fit Aerobics

Get Fit Aerobics - NEW! (ages 7-12)

Motivate older children to use aerobics as a way to keep fit and get strong. Encourage all-important exercise using no accessories, equipment or even other team members - just music and challenging routines. Between the warm up and the cool down, there are 5 aerobic routines, plus sit-ups. Instrumental are included for creative movement. Includes guide. Includes songs: Believe It or Not, Fame, I Go To Rio, Eye Of The Tiger, Cotton Eyed Joe, Theme for “E.T.". 8 vocal instructions with music, 8 instrumental.

#KIM9186 CD $15.95

Good Morning Exercises for Kids

Good Morning Exercises for Kids (ages 3-8)

Start the day with easy, fun movement exercises. Classics with a morning theme sets the stage for clapping, skipping, stretching, sit-ups, and more. Guide with lyrics and instructions. Songs include: Carolina in the Morning, Red Red Robin, I'm Looking Over a Four Leaf Cover, Zippity Doo Dah, So Early In The Morning, Good Morning Starshine, Oh, How I Hate To Get Up In The Morning and more. 17 songs.

#KIM9098 CD $15.95

Toes Up, Toes Down

Toes Up, Toes Down (ages 3-7)

Enjoyable activities for children develop body identification, spatial awareness and listening skills. Songs include: Toes Up, Toes Down, Toot, Circle Around, Jumping Jacks, Movin' Fast, Angels In The Snow. 7 vocal tracks, 7 instrumental tracks.

#KIM7041 CD $15.95

Preschool Aerobic Fun

Preschool Aerobic Fun (ages 3-6)

This CD offers activities that help pave the way to aerobic fitness skills, Warm-ups, stretches, activities and cool-down. Includes songs without narration too which can be used for creative play. Guide with lyrics and activities. Songs include: Wake Up-Warm-Up, Movin' Every Day, Finger Poppin', B B B Bounce, Chug a Long Choo Choo, Run Run Run In Place, Tip Toe Cool Down. 9 vocal tracks, 8 instrumental tracks.

#KIM7052 CD $15.95

Rock ‘N Roll Fitness Fun

Rock ‘N Roll Fitness Fun

Kids' fitness aerobics are even more fun and motivating when set to this great classic rock ‘n roll music. Easy routines follow the themes of the songs. Great for children 4 years and up, as well as adults. Guide with lyrics and instructions. Songs include: Fun-Fun-Fun, Let the Good Times Roll, Surfin' USA, Whole Lotta Shakin', The Book of Love, At The Hop, The Twist. 9 vocal tracks, 9 instrumental tracks.

#KIM9115 CD $15.95

Aerobic Power For Kids

Aerobic Power For Kids (ages 4-10)

Exercise to the “oldies but goodies" of the 50's and 60's with “Power" and “Power Plus" programs. The “Power" easier aerobic program has been designed for younger children, but is a good warm-up for the more advanced. The “Power Plus" program is more difficult for older and advanced children, and younger children can grow into these routines. Guide with lyrics and instructions. Songs include: La Bamba, At The Hop, YMCA, We Are Family, Boot Scootin' Boogie, Yakety Yak, The Loco-Motion, Conga, Turn The Beat Around, and more. 12 songs.

#KIM9148 CD $15.95

Cool Aerobics For Kids

Cool Aerobics For Kids (ages 3-9)

Routines are fun, but sensible, featuring breathing exercises, a warm-up, aerobic routines and a cool-down. Guide with lyrics and instruction. Songs include: Ride The Train, Warm-up, Fiesta, Twist, Electric Moves, Cat Stretch, Mashed Potato, Jump-Run-Shout, The Hokey Pokey, Cheering at the Game, Chicken, and more.

#KIM9156 CD $15.95

Chicken Fat

Chicken Fat (ages 6 & up)

A short, vigorous, and complete exercise program is set to the famous Chicken Fat song. Guide with lyrics and instructions. Song list: Chicken Fat (vocal), Chicken Fat (instrumental), Five Minutes for Fitness (vocal), Five Minutes for Fitness (instrumental).

#KIM209 CD $7.95

Walk Like The Animals

Walk Like The Animals (ages 3-7)

Pretend to walk like favorite animals is a creative and healthy way to encourage kids' fitness. Stretch, strengthen and improve rhythmic coordination and develop pre-tumbling and motor skills. Includes guide. Songs include: Inchworm, Puppy Dog, Bear, Crab, duck, seal, Donkey, Camel. 8 vocal tracks and 8 instrumental tracks.

#KIM7040 CD $15.95

Physical Ed by The Learning Station

Physical Ed by The Learning Station (pre-k to 5th grade)

Collection of 16 fun fitness songs focuses on movement and locomotor activities, including: walking, hopping, skipping, jumping, running, galloping and leaping. Songs include: Stir It Up, Monkey In The Middle, Stomp and Clap, The Marching Game, Raise The Ceiling. 16 songs.

#KUB1100 CD $14.95

Alphabet Exercise DVD

Alphabet Exercise DVD (ages 3-5)

Alphabet Al gets young learners out of their seats to exercise their bodies and minds. Fun songs for each letter of the alphabet promotes imaginative play and fitness with creative movements like Picking Cherries, Soaring Eagles, and Air Guitar while helping children learn the skills that will prepare them for Learning to read. Also includes traditional exercises, such as Jumping Jacks and Windmills. 37 minutes.

#RL913 DVD $19.95

Aerobic Dances For Kids by Henry Buzz Glass & Rosemary Hallum

Aerobic Dances For Kids by Henry Buzz Glass & Rosemary Hallum

Students begin with a warm-up to increase their pulse rates to the necessary levels. A cool-down reduces the pulse rates and allows students to return to class calm and collected. Music with voice cues tracks and instrumental tracks. Easy-to-follow directions included. Songs include: Jello, Kangaroo, Jumping Little Jerry, Little Man From Mars, Walking The Square, Four Walls Game, Popcorn, Reach For It, and more.

#AC93 CD $15.95

Perceptual-Motor Rhythm Games

Perceptual-Motor Rhythm Games

These field-tested “learning through movement" activities encourage eye-hand, aural-motor, and visual motor coordination. They also develop body image, balance, laterality, directionality, and visual perception. Easy to introduce to your class, the activities do not require partners or constant teacher direction. Songs include: The Shoemaker's Dance, Rope Turning, Isolations #1,#2, The Bouncer (Hey Look Me Over), Move Like A Machine, Clap and Shake #1,#2, Seven Jumps, Marching Fun, and more.

#CD50 CD $15.95

Motor Fitness Rhythm Games

Motor Fitness Rhythm Games

The activities help develop fitness and motor skills. This recording is suitable for regular classes and special education. Songs include: Pink Panther, Ice Castles Theme, Cowboy Slap Game, Whole Lotta Shakin', Mr. Motor Mouth, Simon Says, Catalystic Movement, Beanbag Boogie, and more.

#CD97 CD $15.95

Children’s All-Star Rhythm Hits

Children's All-Star Rhythm Hits

Standard favorites with newer contemporary activities for “All Seasons and All Reasons" Songs include: Paw Paw Patch, Maypole Dance, Fitness On Parade, Pop Goes The Weasel, Virginia Reel, Bingo, Head and Shoulders, Zoom Ball, and more.

#CD640 CD $15.95

Children’s All-Time Rhythm Favorites

Children's All-Time Rhythm Favorites

Favorite children's dances and singing games, both old and new, that will never go out of date! Easy to learn and fun to do. Fits right in with early childhood core curriculum, physical fitness objectives, and multicultural goals. Songs include: Dance Little Bird, Chicken Fat, If Your Happy and You Know It, Patticake Polka, Dancin' Duck, La Raspa, Limbo, Bunny Hop, and more.

#CD630 CD $15.95

Silly Willy Series by Brenda Colgate~

Silly Willy Moves Through The ABC’s
Silly Willy Moves Through The ABC’s DVD

Silly Willy Moves Through The ABC's

CD and DVD Introduces the letters of the alphabet. Original songs and activities reinforce each letter and its sound while developing fitness and locomotor skills. Learning the alphabet, letter sounds, vocabulary and creative movement combine to give children an active learning experience. DVD you can choose Spanish or English introductions to the letters. Songs include: Crazy Crab Crawl, Dinosaur Disco Dance, The Flamingo Freeze, and more.

#CD550 CD $15.95
#DVD550 DVD $19.95
#D550SET CD/DVD $32.95

Silly Willy Workout
Silly Willy Workout DVD

Silly Willy Workout

This high-energy workout for young children includes warm ups, cool down, and stretches. Contemporary musical activities created especially for children, add zest to this safe and well-rounded program. The DVD motivates and instructs. The CD provides follow-up activities. Songs include: Fun To Be Fit, Silly Willy Wiggles, Breathing, Marching, Pony Ride, Calypso Caboose, Let's Hop, and more.

#CD548 CD $15.95
#DVD548 DVD $19.95
#D548SET CD/DVD $32.95

Silly Willy Sports Workout

Silly Willy Sports Workout (ages 3-8)

Join Coach Silly Willy for a sports workout. Easy-to-follow narration and lyrics make this the ideal classroom or physical education movement program. From warm-ups to cool down this is a well thought out, motivating and energetic program. Songs include: Silly Willy Sports Workout Theme Song, Warming Up, Baseball Play, You're A Basketball Star, It's Tennis Time, Football Fever, Bowling Buddies, and more.

#CD559 CD $15.95

Silly Willy Pre-Jump Rope Skills

Silly Willy Pre-Jump Rope Skills (ages 5-8)

Children will build coordination, agility and confidence as they have fun with activities that lead to independent jump roping. Original music, narration and catchy rhythms along with sequential coordination activities combine to help teach young children to jump rope. Songs include: Jump For Joy, The Circle Around The Rope, Bend It-Twist It-Turn It, The Number Game, Making Rainbows, and more.

#CD522 CD $15.95

Silly Willy Discovers Fitness & Phonics, Vol. 1
Silly Willy Discovers Fitness & Phonics, Vol. 2

Silly Willy Discovers Fitness & Phonics

Vol#1 - Short Vowel Movement Songs
Combine gross motor development with learning phonetic patterns in this upbeat interactive program. Songs include: AEIOU Theme Song, Trash Rap (A), Yes Step (E), Skip Skip Up The Hill (I), Hop On The Hot Spot (O), and more.

#CD557 CD $15.95

Vol #2 - Long Vowel Movement Songs
Songs include: AEIOU Theme Song, Skate & Shake (A), Beets, Beans and Leafy Greens (E), Five Mile Ride (I), The Mole Hole (O), Let's Make A Tune (U), and more.

#CD558 CD $15.95

Silly Willy Discovers Fitness & Phonics Vol #1 & Vol#2.

Short and Long Vowel Movement Songs CD set.

#CD559 2/CD $29.95

Dance and Movement

Greg and Steve~

Visit "Greg and Steve's" web page for more movement-based titles.

Kids In Action

Kids In Action

Songs: Going' On A Bear Hunt, Beanie Bag Dance, Get Ready Get Set-Let's Dance, Bop ‘Til You Drop, My Aunt Came Back, Can You Leap Like A Frog, Conga Line, Can't Sit Still, Kids In Action, and more.

#GS0017 $15.00

Kids in Motion

Kids in Motion

Songs: Kids In Motion, Animal Action #1,#2, The Body Rock, Shadow Dancing, The Freeze, Count Bounce, Bean Bag Boogie#1,#2, Tummy Tango, and more.

#GS0008 CD $15.00

On the Move with Greg And Steve

On the Move with Greg And Steve

Songs: Rock To The Music, Scat like That, An Adventure In Space, How Many Days, Shoo Fly#1 #2(open), Warmin' Up #1, #2 (open), Sports Dance, On The Move, Friends, and more.

#GS0005 CD $15.00

Colleen and Uncle Squaty~

Visit “Colleen and Uncle Squaty's" Web page for more movement based CDs.

Movin’ Party

Movin' Party

Songs and dances for other cultures include: Che Che Kooley, Sho Lie Loo, Big Ship Sailing. Movement songs include: Dancer In The Middle, All The Children Went To Town, Circle of Friends. 7 circle songs. Directions included.

Colleen and Uncle Squaty offer more movement-oriented songs on this, their fourth album. Most of the songs here are lively and bouncy, and will be perfect for circle-time activities. A fine resource for teachers! - School Library Journal, 01/02

#CUS004 CD $15.98

Kimbo Dance CD's~

All Time Favorite Dances
All Time Favorite Dances DVD

All Time Favorite Dances (ages 4 and up) CD & DVD

Dances for kids is a win-win way for children to get the exercise they need. No partners necessary for this #1 collection of party dances for all ages. Songs include: The Twist, The Hokey Pokey, The Limbo Rock, The Chicken, The Conga, The Hora, The Mexican Hat Dance, Maypole Dance, Virginia Reel, The Bunny Hop and more. 13 songs.

DVD: Live action, motivating music electrifying special effects. 34 Minutes. Guide with lyrics and instructions.

#KIM9126 CD $15.95
#KIM9126 DVD $19.95

Spanish/English CDs available - see SPANISH

Everybody Dance
Everybody Dance DVD

Everybody Dance (ages 7 and up) CD and DVD

Hot dances and songs for all ages are great for fitness for school kids and family fun. Guide with lyrics and instructions included. Songs include: Mashed Potato, YMCA, Hot-Hot-Hot, La Bamba, The Loco-Motion, At The Hop, Achy Breaky Heart, New York- New York, Shout, Electric Boogie and more. 13 songs.

DVD: Features cool songs and dances starring a super bunch of kids just having fun and performing 10 lively dances. The step-by-step demonstration of the more complicated routines makes Learning these dances a snap. Guide included.

#KIM9131 CD $15.95
#KIM9131 DVD $19.95

Dance Party Fun
Dance Party Fun DVD

Dance Party Fun (ages 4 and up) CD & DVD

12 kid-pleasing songs have been choreographed with simple dance steps. Dancing can be a springboard to learning as it promotes a sense of rhythm and varied beats, as well as coordination, and fosters socializations kills. Songs include: Disney Mambo #5, Line Up, Peppermint Twist, Who Let The Dogs Out? Shake Rattle & Roll, Monster Mash, Macarena, The Train, Splish Splash and more. 12 songs.

#KIM9166 CD $15.95
#KIM9166 DVD $19.95

Dances for Fun & Fitness

Dances for Fun & Fitness (3 CD set)

Set features over 35 dances for fun and exercise! The songs are everyone's favorites and the dances have been choreographed with simple steps that are perfect for all ages. Lyrics and instructions are included in each guide. CD titles: Everybody Dance, All-Time Favorite Dances, Dance Party Fun.

#KIM7098 3/CD $40.95

Gotta Dance

Gotta Dance (ages 4 and up)

Foot-stomping, hand-clapping, high-energy Gotta Dance music! Guide with lyrics included, also instructions for Boot Scootin' Boogie. Songs include: Turn the Beat Around, Teach Me How To Shimmy, We Are Family, Yakety Yak, Iko Iko, Conga, Let's Twist Again, Hound Dog and more. 12 songs.

#KIM9143 CD $15.95

Macarena & The Train

Macarena & The Train (all ages)

Macarena and The Train- Simple dances with easy-to-follow instructions. They're fun and aid motor development, right-left discrimination, following a pattern and more. Songs: Macarena and The Train.

#KIM9145 CD $7.95

Motown Dances

Motown Dances (ages 4 and up)

Here are 12 popular songs from an era that will be forever remembered and loved. The choreographed dances are simple. Rhythm and coordination, exercise, social interaction and fun are some of the many benefits. Guide with lyrics and instructions. Songs include: ABC, Proud Mary, Dancing in the Street, Please Mr. Postman, Do You Love Me?, Get Ready, Heatwave and more. 12 songs.

#KIM9152 CD $15.95

Salsa, Soul & Swing

Salsa, Soul & Swing (4 and up)

Four Salsa songs, five great Soul classics and three Swing, big band rhythms represent great eras of musical styles. Music from the 40's to today's popular Latin beat! The dances have been choreographed specifically for children 4-10 years of age and up. Guide with lyrics and instruction. Songs include: In The Mood, Land of 1,000 Dances, Soul Man, Shake a Tail Feather, Twist and Shout. 12 songs.

#KIM9159 CD $15.95

See Web page “Sugar Beats" for more dance music.

Frank Leto~

Move Your Dancin’ Feet

Move Your Dancin' Feet

Kids Will Be Kids Video Series: Join the fun as Pilar Leto, a professional dancer, leads children in many multicultural dances. Children enthusiastically follow Pilar as she guides them in: The Hawaiian Hula, Brazilian Samba, Jamaican Reggae, Trinidadian Calypso, Cuban Rumba and Puerto Rican Salsa. 33 minutes.

#FL798 DVD $19.95

Movin’ and Grovin

Movin' and Grovin

Kids Will Be Kids Video Series: For children of all ages, this exercise and gross movement DVD really gives children a workout. Frank's wife, Pilar, leads children through a variety of exercises and fun movement activities. All of this is set to the sounds and rhythms of the steel band. Starts with a warm up, includes dances, games and a simple limbo and ends with a cool down. 32 minutes.

#FL799 DVD $19.95

Folk and Square Dancing~

Square Dancing Made Easy

Square Dancing Made Easy

You won't be able to sit still. Easy-to-follow square dances will have everyone up and dancing as students and teachers learn the basic of square dance in an enjoyable, non-threatening, sequential manner. Songs include: Old Dan Tucker, Brass Wagon, Possum Stomp, Flop-Eared Mule, Oh Susanna, and more.

#CD680 CD $15.95

Get Ready To Square Dance

Get Ready To Square Dance

Students learn the fundamentals of square dancing and the value of listening, following directions, cooperation, taking turns and rhythmic response. These easy songs and movement games only teach one or two basic calls at a time for gradual mastery, leading up to two simple, complete square dances. Songs include: Cotton-Eyed Joe, Turkey In The Straw, Shoo Fly, Comin' ‘Round the Mountain, Hoedown, and more.

#CD68 CD $15.95

Square Dance Fun For Everyone

Square Dance Fun For Everyone (ages 8 and up)

The basic fundamentals of American Square dance with and without calls. Songs include: Traveling Minstrel Man, Early Morning Rain, Briar Patch, Tie a Yellow Ribbon, It's A Small World and more. 10 music with call tracks, 10 instrumental tracks.

#KEA1138 2/CD $29.95

Square Dancing The American Way

Square Dancing The American Way (ages 8 and up)

Contains all basics and features swing and grand square. Country western music: Real Madrid, Sugar Blues, God Bless America, Wild About Honey, Happy Days are Here Again and more. Calls and music, and music only.

#KIM4061 2/CD $26.95

Dances In A Line

Dances In A Line (ages 8 and up)

No partner, easy-to-learn dances ideal for co-ed classes. Songs include: The Bus Stop, The 12th Street Rag, Amos Moses, The Hustle, Bad, Bad Leroy Brown. Music, instructions, cues.

#KEA1147 CD $14.95

Circle Dances For Today

Circle Dances For Today (ages 8 and up)

These fun-to-do dances and mixers are ideal for co-ed settings. Grades 3 and up. Dances include: Seven Jumps, Five Foot Two, Jiffy Mixer, Tennessee Wig Walk, Candida. Music, instructions, cues.

#KAE1146 CD $15.95

Folk Dance Fun

Folk Dance Fun (ages 5-9)

Popular folk songs and dances from many lands in an easy-to-learn style. Guide with lyrics and instructions. Songs include: Virginia Reel, Mexican Hat Dance, Greek Zorba Dance, German Clapping Dance, Irish Jig, Tarentella and more. 9 vocal tracks and 9 instrumental tracks.

#KIM7037 CD $15.95

Children’s Folk Dances

Children's Folk Dances (ages 4-8)

A cross-cultural collection of popular and unusual folk dances covers the world from America to Scotland, Korea, Russian, Switzerland and other countries. Extended the curriculum with dances and creative play. Guide with lyrics and instructions. Songs include: Go Round & Round The Village, Mi Jachol Lassim, Unite Unite/Hobby Horse Parade, Troika, Everyone Likes Calypso, Ulili E, Jump Jim Jo, Carousel, Tarantella Doll and more. 21 Songs.

#KIM9149 CD $15.95

Simple Folk Dances

Simple Folk Dances (ages 4-8)

Traditional folk dances that are slow, repetitive and contain the basic coordination skills children need to develop. The techniques are motivating and easily adaptable for use by classroom teachers, special education specialist, and physical education teachers. Guide included. Songs include: Danish Dance of Greeting, How Do You Do My Partner? Children's Polka, Shoemaker's Dance, I See You-Peek-A-Boo, Swedish Clap Dance and more. 9 vocal tracks and 9 Instrumental tracks.

#KIM7042 CD $14.95

Heel Toe Away We Go

Heel Toe Away We Go (ages 4-7)

These familiar folk dances are easy to do and improve coordination skills. Guide included. Songs include: Polly Wolly Doodle, Sailor's Hornpipe, Shortnin' Bread, Old Grey Mare, Glow Worm, Little Brown Jug. 8 vocal tracks, 7 instrumental tracks.

#KIM7050 CD $15.95


Yoga For Kids

Yoga For Kids (all ages)

Beginning yoga postures and techniques. Soothing music offers backgrounds for holding positions based on familiar animals and objects. The postures stimulate self-awareness and are designed to exercise and strengthen all major muscles.

#KIM9172 CD $15.95

Creative Yoga Exercises for Children

Creative Yoga Exercises for Children

Strengthening, balance, stretching, concentration and energy release through animal related Yoga exercises. Specially arranged music and illustrated guide make this an easy-to-use CD.

#CD574 CD $15.95