Ella JenkinsElla Jenkins

Ella Jenkins is the first lady of children's folk music. Her musical legacy spans more than 50 years!!! Her music transcends language and cultural barriers. Ella released her first recording in 1957, since then she has released 28 recordings and 2 DVD's!!!!

Her classic recordings are a must for all children and their classrooms!!!! Thank you Ella Jenkins!!!!!!

I Know The Colors In The Rainbow

I Know The Colors In The Rainbow - BEST SELLER

A listening and participation recording that will introduce children to voice tones, colors, instruments and their individual sounds, other languages, appreciation of other cultures. Songs include: I Know The Colors In The Rainbow, It Won't Rain, Who Fed The Chickens?, Bim Bom, Kaluba, Beat The Drum, and more.

#CD595 CD $15.98

This-a-Way, That-a-Way

This-a-Way, That-a-Way

Cheerful songs and chants recorded with children from Tennessee. 13 original and traditional songs invite children to participate. “Please Is A Pleasant Expression" teaches, “please" in many languages. Songs include: I Like The Way They Stack The Hay, Miss Mary Mack, The Cuckoo Bird, and more.

#SFW45002 CD $15.98

Looking Back And Looking Forward

Looking Back And Looking Forward

Ella leads children through simple, repetitive song and chants from yesteryear that develops vocabulary, number awareness, counting, days of the week and how to have fun with language. Songs include: Ice Cream Soda, Scooping Up Jacks, Spinning Tops, Saturday Night, and more.

#AC596 CD $15.98

Early Early Childhood Songs

Early Early Childhood Songs

Simple lyrics, repetitive phrases, and rhythmic quality make this recording a good first step into music. Songs include: London Bridge, This Old Man, The Farmer In The Dell, Mary Had A Little Lamb, and more.

#SFW45015 CD $15.98

Play Your Instruments and Make A Pretty Sound

Play Your Instruments and Make A Pretty Sound - BEST SELLER

World-renowned children's performer, present a delightful series of songs to encourage children to play their instruments, put them away, to listen to music, and to move together to the same rhythm. Provides excellent opportunity for instrument identification, conducting, creative movement, improvisation and use of rhythm instruments. Songs include: Play Your Instruments and Make a Pretty Sound, Put Your Instruments Away, Follow The Leader, You'll Sing a Song-I'll Sing A Song.

#EJ45018 CD $16.98

You’ll Sing A Song and I’ll Sing A Song

You'll Sing A Song and I'll Sing A Song - BEST SELLER

Ella's best-selling record has international songs that encourage singing and rhythmic participation. Recommended for early education by Teachers Magazine. Songs include: Did You Feed My Cow, This Train, Sifting in the Sand, Cadima, Shabbat Shalom, and more.

#SFW45010 CD $15.98

And One And Two

And One And Two - BEST SELLER

Simple songs and rhythm exercises for young children. Songs include: I'm Going To School Today, Rhythms Around The Chair, Holiday Times, and more.

#SFW45016 CD $15.98

Hopping Around From Place To Place

Hopping Around From Place To Place

Vol #1

Recorded with the Chicago Children's Choir. The songs are language rich, rhyming, and repetitive. Children have fun learning about different cultures and languages. Songs include: The Little Green Frog That Sits By The Stream, If You Go To London Town, and more.

#CD613 CD $15.98

Vol #2

Songs include: Texas Is The Lone Star State, The Australian Zoo, I'm Going To Buffalo, Let's Go Up In Space, and more.

#CD614 CD $15.98

This Is Rhythm by Ella Jenkins

This Is Rhythm by Ella Jenkins

Helps children hear rhythm in everyday sounds and introduces wood and tone blocks, rhythm sticks, conga drums, maracas, bongos, guiro, cow bells, tambourine, plate gong.

#CD45028 CD $15.95

Songs Children Love To Sing

Songs Children Love To Sing

An anthology of earlier recordings celebrating Ella's 40 years of recording for Folkway and Smithsonian Records. Ella selected 17 songs that are especially popular with children.

#SFW45042 CD $15.98

Little Johnny Brown

Little Johnny Brown (ages 2-9)

Traditional and original songs that speak to many cultural backgrounds and engage children in musical play. Songs include: Little Johnny Brown, Head and Shoulders, What's Your Name, Miss Mary Mack, Mexican Hand Clapping Song, La Raspa, Hammer Hammer Hammer, and more.

#SFW45026 CD $15.98

Holiday Times

Holiday Times (ages 5-11)

Features 26 songs, poems and stories related to winter holidays. Ella and friends sing and play ukulele, harmonica, guitar, pipe organ, flute and percussion for a festive multi-cultural holiday season.

#SFW45041 CD $15.98

Multi-Cultural Children’s Songs

Multi-Cultural Children's Songs - BEST SELLER

In this collection of 23 songs, children will hear new sounds and rhythms from all over the world. The songs were inspired by people worldwide and include selections from Ella's childhood on the South Side of Chicago. Songs include: The World Is Big The World Is Small, Jambo, Counting in Swahili, Duile Duile, In Trinidad, Dance Tunes From Many Lands, May-ree Mack, Thank-you in Many Languages, and more.

#SFW45045 CD $15.98

Rhythms of Childhood

Rhythms of Childhood (ages 2-9)

Emphasizes rhythms found in nature, dance and traditional Africa chants, using weals, guitar, banjo, baritone ukulele, harmonica and drums. Songs include: Pretty Trees Around The World, The Cuckoo, Michael Row Your Boat Ashore, All Will Be Dancing and Kum Ba Ya.

#SFW45008 CD $15.98

Travellin’ with Ella Jenkins: A Bilingual Journey

Travellin' with Ella Jenkins: A Bilingual Journey (ages 5-11)

Ella and friends sing international songs. Songs include: Hukilu (Hawai'I), A Yodeling Song (Switzerland), Oue Bonita Bandera (Puerto Rico), Greetings In Many Languages, Arabic Mood, Rabbi Teaches ABCs, and more.

#SFW45009 CD $15.98

Come Dance By The Ocean

Come Dance By The Ocean

A collection of songs about caring for the environment and enjoying other cultures, language and places. Songs include: Come Dance By The Ocean, On A Holiday, A Winter Plane Ride, Easy As ABC, Numbers and Alphabets, Yes and No, Differences, Clean Week, A Rock Hopper Penguin, A Hump Back Whale, Clean Pond Crossing, and more.

#SFW45014 CD $15.98

Jambo and Other Call-and-Response Songs and Chants

Jambo and Other Call-and-Response Songs and Chants

Twelve of Ella's call-and-response songs with simple rhythmic sounds and lyrics in English and Swahili. Inspired by music of communities and Ella's experiences in Kenya and Tanzania. Songs include: On Safari, Counting in Swahili and Yemayah.

#SFW45017 CD $15.98

Adventures In Rhythm

Adventures In Rhythm (ages 6-11)

An engaging progression of simple to complex rhythmic concepts with young students in Ella's Rhythm Workshop. Appropriate for Children with learning difficulties. Songs include: Caney Mi Macaro, I've Been Working On The Railroad, Hambone, and more.

#SFW45007 CD $16.98

We Are America’s Children

We Are America's Children

Ella and a children's chorus celebrate America's diversity and history in folk songs, blues, hymns and civil rights and Historic songs. Songs include: We Are Native American Tribes, Ezekiel Saw The Wheel, Ol' Texas, This Land Is Your Land, In 1776, Happy Birthday America, and more.

#SFW45006 CD $15.98


Live At The Smithsonian

Live At The Smithsonian

Ella entertains with playful songs and stories. Fosters listening skills, concentration, and imagination while encouraging viewers to sing and dance. Splendid performances of “Did You Feed My Cow?" “Stop and Go", “Shake Hands with Friends", and others.

#SFW48001 DVD $16.00

For The Family!

For The Family!

This DVD highlights Ella's ability to captivate, teach, and entertain!! This engaging video focuses on developing musical skills. Songs include: You'll Sing A Song, Miss Mary Mack's Music, I Know The Colors in the Rainbow, Freight Train Blues, On A Holiday, and more.

#SFW48002 DVD $16.00

Ella Jenkins songs / by others~

Did You Feed My Cow?

Did You Feed My Cow? (age 2-7)

Fred Koch Presents The Songs Of Ella Jenkins. Experience the timeless songs of Ella, as they meet up with the musical artistry of Fred Koch in this eclectic, multi-cultural celebration. Songs include: Hello-Jambo, Did You Feed My Cow, Shabot Shalom, Miss Mary Mack, I Know The Colors In The Rainbow, You'll Sing A Song and I'll Sing A Song, Stop and Go, Who Fed The Chickens?, and more.

#FK001 CD $15.98

“cELLAbration! A Tribute to Ella Jenkins

“cELLAbration! A Tribute to Ella Jenkins"

Grammy Award Winner!!!! This recording features some of today's best folk and children's performers such as: Pete Seeger, Tom Chapin, Sweet Honey In The Rock, Cathy Fink & Marcy Marxer, Red Grammer and more. This tribute to Ella offers new renditions of her classic songs. Songs include: You'll Sing A Song, Did You Feed My Cow, Go Miss Mary Mack, Let's All Sing A Yodeling Song, Jambo and more. A wonderful tribute to Ella Jenkins.

#SFW45059 CD $15.98