Jack Hartmann

Jack HartmannJack Hartmann's recordings offer high quality children's music perfect for the classroom teacher. *Stimulate brain and body development *Enhance school readiness *strengthen classroom learning. Jacks Music focuses on: Language Development & Early Literacy *Reading Readiness *Phonological Awareness *Beginning Math Skills *Social Skills *Holidays Celebrations and Year Round Calendar Activities *Lots of Pre-K, K-5 Curriculum Topics.

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Transition Train (Get On Board The)

Transition Train (Get On Board The) - NEW!

These Reading skills and movement songs focus on: Starting and Ending the Day, Lining Up Quietly, Good Listening, Cleanup Fun, Positive Behavior, Playground Rules, Washing Hands, Phonemic Awareness, Bathroom Do’s and Don’ts, 100 Days of School, Positive Lunchtime Behavior, 60 Beat per minute Brain Building, Crossing The Mid-Line.
Songs: Together at School, Penguin Dance Chant, Chugga Chugga Choo Choo, Cleanup Vacuum Cleaner, Walk in Line Rhyme, Wash My Hands Rap, Happy, Storybook Gym, Letter Line Up, Zero The Hero Celebrates 100 Days of School, Lunchtime is Time To Eat, Slow and Fast Word Dance, Ridin’ On The Train, 5 Little Ducks, 10 Silly Monkeys, Exercise, Rhyme and Freeze, Here’s What You Do and You Don’t Do When You Go To Use The Bathroom, Peanut the Pig’s Teamwork Cleanup, Zero the Hero Exercise and Count, Step by Step Listening Song, 5 Little Fish (Caribbean), Echo the Letter Sound, Penguin Dance, See you Later Alligator, 60 Beats per Minute Brain Builder (Classical), 60 Beats per Minute Brain Builder (New Age) 60 Beats per Minute Brain Builder (Acoustic). Pre – K to 3rd.

#JH031 CD $15.00

Rockin’ Reading Songs

Rockin’ Reading Songs - NEW!

These reading skill and movement songs for children focus on the following curriculum skills: Alphabet Recognition – Letter Sounds – Digraphs – Word Families – Brain & Body Connections – Vowel Sounds – Syllabication – Social Skills.
Song Titles: Good Day, Exercising Alphabet, Act Out the Alphabet, Vowel Sound Hound Dogs 1, Clap, Stomp & Chomp, Silly Rock Star Song, Digraph Dance, Onomatopoeia Alphabet, Reading Rocks, Exercise to the Beginning Letter Sound, Rock Out Tooty Ta, Reading Question Song, New Hokey Pokey Dance, Compound Word Workout, Follow the Leader, Leroy the Letter Eating Lion, Rules of Reading, Let your Body Be a Punctuation Mark, Party Down on the Farm, Pay Attention to Punctuation, Peanut the Pig, Punctuation Power, Figure Words Out, Workout With a Family of Words, You’re In the Band, Vowel Sound Hound Dog 2. 27 Songs.

#JH030 CD $15.00


Exersongs (ages 4-9)

These song include a diversity of musical styles including: hip-hop, Latin, rock, rap, African, Caribbean, country, techno and pop.

Songs: Born To Move, Top Dog, Coach McDougal Had A Team, Ooga Booga Boogie, My Finger Can Be Animals that Exercise, Crazy Eights, Swim to Stay Strong, Around the World, Alphabet Workout, Counting Forward, Counting Back, Machines In Motion, Milton the Mouse Likes to Help Around The House, Exercise Is Cool, Workout in the Gym, Animals in Action 1,2, Warm It Up, Cool Cat’s Cool Down, Crossover-Latin, Alphabet Workout-open, Connect with a Friend and Freeze, Exercise as a Family of Words – Open. 25 songs.

#JH027 CD $15.00

Brain and Body Builder

Brain and Body Builder (Ages 4-9) NEW!

Active Learning and Fitness Fun with Music and Movement. The contents and movements in this video are for educational purposes. Jack demonstrates the mirror image so children can visually focus on the corresponding side of their body. Jack’s left side represents the children’s right side. Purpose – each song and video shows fun body and hand movements that incorporate crossing the midline to build brain connections. These songs and movements can be easily implemented in the classroom to enhance Curriculum learning.

Songs on DVD: Alphabet Workout (Upper Case), Alphabet Workout (Lower Case), Animals in Action, Exercise and Count by 5’s, Crossover, Water Cycle, Top Dog, Cowboy Dance, Exercise Is A Family of Words, Going on A Treasure Hunt. 10 songs.

#JH028 DVD $20.00

Cool Beats That Teach

Cool Beats That Teach - NEW!

Songs combine the hip-hop, rap and rock music kids love with state and national curriculum-based topics in science, grammar and social studies. Songs also included helping children build character and do their best taking test. Songs: World of Motion, What’s the Matter, Scientific Method Song, Step by Step, Water Cycle, Sing the States, Six Simple Machine Rap, Force, Matter Really Matters, Test-Taking Chant #1 and #2, Earthquake, Seven Continents, Right Here (muscles), Right Here (bones), What is a Noun, Is it a Noun or Not, Community, Action Verbs, Workout and Count, It Makes me Stop, All The Days of Your Life. (for grades K-5).

#JH025 CD $15.00

Movin' With Jack

Movin' With Jack - New DVD!

Nine Brain and Body Building Movement Songs to Strengthen Classroom Learning! Jack and his Hop 2 It Band, outstanding classroom teachers and a wonderful multi-cultural group of children show how to sing and move to (9) of Jack’s popular learning songs. Songs: Let’s Get Fit, Dancin’ 2’s, Humpty Dumpty, We Are A Family, Hip-Hop Tooty Ta, Wheels On The Bus Rap, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, The Silly Pirate Song, Workout To Letter Sounds.

#JH026 DVD $20.00

Hip-Hop AlphaBob

Hip-Hop AlphaBob

Hip-Hop rhythms, language play/listening skills. #1 disc. 27 tracks: Songs: Hip-Hop AlphaBob, Freeze It, Hip-Hop to the Alphabet, The Cool Head and Shoulders, Hip-Hop Humpty, Proud To Be an American, Letter Sound YoYo, These are the Vowels, Clapping Machine #1, #2, Is It A Word or Not, The All Wrong Old McDonald Song, Hello All Around The World, I See Colors, Popcorn Words, 2 Letters That Work Together, Make New Songs and more. #2 disc. 28 tracks: with open-ended lyrics.

#JH001 2/CDs $18.00

Hip-Hop Alpha Activity Book by Peggy Cambell-Rush

Hip-Hop AlphaBop Activity Book by Peggy Cambell-Rush

Activity book based on Jack's Hip-Hop AlphaBob CD. More than 75 activities for alphabet, word recognition, letter sounds, spelling, compound words, rhyming words. Lyrics for all 27 songs, as well as reproducible's. 96 pages (PreK-2).

#JH001B Activity Book $12.95
#JH001SET Activity Book & 2 CD set $29.95

Hip-Hop AlphaBob #2

Hip-Hop AlphaBob #2

Phonic awareness development, Reading/writing skills, rhyming,letter sounds, language play. Hip-Hop versions of popular songs. Songs: Hip-Hop Tooty Ta, Workout to the Letter Sounds, Jack's Miss Mary Mack, 5 Funky Monkeys, Groovin' Peanut Butter & Jelly, Move To The Alphabet The Cowboy Dance, and more. CD includes open tracks. 25 tracks.

#JH003 CD $15.00

Rhyming to Read

Rhyming To Read - NEW TITLE

22 songs to strengthen language and rhyming skills. Nursery rhymes and traditional children's songs, hip-hop beats. Songs: Rhyming to Read, Happy Humpty Dumpty, Wheels On The Bus Rap, 3 Elephants, Reggaeton Tooty Ta-In English & Spanish, 3 Cool Mice, Mr. Crocodile, Hickory Dickory Dock, Itsey, Bitsy Spider Rock. 4 open and instrumental tracks.

#JH002 CD $15.00

Rhymin' To the Beat

Rhymin' To The Beat, Vol #1

Reading readiness/rhymning development. 14 nursery rhymes with today's contemporary reggae, pop, country, rock and rap. Songs: Jack & Jill, Mary Had A Little Lamb, Paddycake, Paddycake, Humpty Dumpty, Jack Be Nimble, 3 Cool Mice, 1,2,Buckle My Shoe. London Bridge, I'm A Little Tea Pot, and more (ages 1 ½ to 7).

#JH009 CD $15.00

Rhymin' To The Beat, Vol #2

Rhymin' To The Beat, Vol #2

More reading readiness/rhymning development. 16 new versions of nursery rhyme favorites and classic children's stories. Songs: Mother Goose Party, Little Miss Muffet, Pease Porridge, Over In the Ocean, This Little Pig and more (ages 1 ½ -7).

#JH010 CD $15.00

Over In The Meadow

Over In The Meadow - Big Book

Beautifully illustrated, full color, children's book. 10 different sea animals - basic counting skills. This Song is on “Rhyming To The Beat Vol #2".

#JH010B BIG BOOK $10.00

Movin' 2 Math


Math skills – Ages 4-10. This collection will motivate and engage children to learn as they move! They combine the hip-hop, rock, latin, rap and country rhythms and beats kids love with the most current learning and brain research. Creatively designed the songs to encourage a variety of crossing the midline moves for building brain and body connections.
Songs Titles: Movin’ 2 Math, Make Any Shape and Freeze, Let’s Get Fit (counting to 100 by 1’s), Chicken Count, Right Here, Dancin’ 2’s, Exercise and Count by 5’s, Daddy’s Special Stew, Kangaroo Learns Left and Right, Could It Happen or Not, Days of the Week Rap Back, Mr. Alligator Can Chomp, Roller Coaster Ride, Hip-Hop Around the Clock, Math Word Cheer, My Whole Body Can Move, The Add & Subtract Body Part Dance, This Mother’s Day. Open-ended and music only versions for: Make Any Shape and Freeze, Let’s Get Fit, Mr. Alligator Can Chomp, Hip-Hop Around the Clock, This Mother’s Day.

#JH004 CD $15.00

Math in Motion

Math In Motion

Beginning math skills, writing numbers, right/left, counting in spanish, calendar and money basics. Songs: Math In Motion, Start the Day #1,2, Counting 1-20, The Beanbag Rap, Counting Time, Count by 10's, Color, Shape & Size, Match My Clock (hours, half-hours, open), What Number Comes Next, and more. 28 songs (ages 5-10).

#JH008 CD $15.00

Math All Around Me

Math All Around Me

Basic math, shape and number skills. Songs: Sticky Glue, Teddy Bear, Teddy Bear, Shake Your Hands, Count by 2's, Count by 5's, 30 Days Has September, Shake Your Shape, Alligator Chomp, Body Math, Birthdays and more. 24 songs (ages 3-8).

#JH014 CD $15.00

Multiply by Music

Multiply By Music

Multiplication Tables - Hip Hop, reggae, rock and pos songs kids memorize the multiplication facts like they memorize the words to their favorite song!!! Songs: One, Two, Three, Four, Five, Six, Seven, Eight, Nine, Ten, Eleven, Twelve, Zero, Hip-Hop Cool Quiz, The Switch (3rd to 5th grades).

#JH015 CD $15.00

It Starts in the Heart

It Starts In The Heart

By Jack Hartmann & Dr. Becky Bailey. Original songs that promote's strengthening self-esteem, developing social skills, building a school family. Songs: It Starts In The Heart, That Was Helpful, Friendship Chant, S.T.A.R. Song, Spanish versions of I Wish You Well, All Together, People To People. 19 songs.

#JH005 CD $15.00

Language Play & Listening Fun for Everyone

Language Play & Listening Fun For Everyone

Reading readiness, early literacy, Phonological, alphabet, syllable awareness, rhyming skills. Songs: Party In The Jungle, 3 Little Pigs Groove, My Silly Zoo #1,2, Listen to the Sounds #1,2, Chica Chica Boom Boom, The Name Game #1,2, ABC Samba, Hands Up For Letter Sounds, Rockin' Rhymin Teddy Bear #1,2, Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah, 36 tracks (ages 3-8).

#JH006 CD $15.00

Rhythms & Rhymes for Special Times

Rhythms & Rhymes For Special Times

Holiday Celebration Calender. Songs: School I Here (Aug/Sept), Milton The Dancing Christmas Mouse, Celebrate Kwanzaa, Give Thanks, Hanukkah, Hanukkah, Rise Up- M.L. King Day, Summer Days Jun/July, 100 Days of School Today, Bunny Boogie, The Good Earth (earth day) and more. 32 songs (ages 3-10).

#JH007 CD $15.00

Alphabet Zoo

Alphabet Zoo

Focus on Phonomic Awareness/ Reading Development. Songs: Alphabet Zoo, The Alphabet Parade, Rocco The Rhyming Rhine, The Animal Hokey Pokey, Count and Move, Rhymin' Lion, Monkey Say, Monkey Do, Stretchy The Word Snake and more. 27 tracks (ages 4-10).

#JH011 CD $15.00

Getting Better at Getting Along

Getting Better At Getting Along

Focus on social skills, feelings, peacemaking, non-violence. Songs: Sticky Glue, RESPECT, Hands To Yourself, Show Me How You Feel, Kid's Peace Song, The Lion & The Mouse, Hitting Hurts, The Potty Dance and more. 30 songs (ages 3-10).

#JH012 CD $15.00

Shake, Rattle n' Read

Shake, Rattle n' Read

BEST SELLER! Reading development, phonological, alphabet awareness, Beginning, counting, letter sounds. Songs: Learning Letter Sounds, Vowel Sound Samba, The Gingerbread Man, Reggae Rhyme #1,2, ABC Disco, WORDS, Word Game #1,2, Do the Wordstretch #1,2, and more. 31 songs (ages 4 ½ -7).

#JH013 CD $15.00

Word Fiesta

Word Fiesta

English and Spanish vocabulary. Greetings, numbers, feelings, body parts, farm animals. Most songs are English with some call-and-response words in Spanish. CD#1 Songs: We Sing Together 1 & 2, Fiesta On The Farm, Move To The Numbers, Latin Letter Sounds #1

Spanish songs: 5 Little Fish, 10 Little Fish, Itsy Bitsy Spider, Ridin' On The Bus, Hokey Pokey. CD#2 25 tracks with open-ended lyrics (ages 4-10).

#JH016 2/CDs $18.00

Colors All Around

Colors All Around

Focus on basic colors, weather, cooperation, cleanup time, life cycle/ butterfly. Movement songs: The Bop Stop, Body Magnets, Worm Workout. Songs: Colors All Around, Save The Earth, I Am A Flower, Circus On Parade, 4 Seasons. 16 Songs.

#JH017 CD $15.00

Counting Piggy Tails

Counting Piggy Tails - Better Than Counting Sheep

14 original songs for children's rest and quiet time. Memorable melodies, soothing rhythms and meaningful words help your children to slow down, rest and relax. Songs: Humpty Dumpty, ABC Lullaby, Magic Pony, Everyone Needs to Rest, Counting Piggy Tails, I Love You Know Matter What, Colors of The Rainbow, some instrumental tracks and more. 17 tracks.

#JH018 CD $15.00

Follow a Dream

Follow A Dream

Focus: friendship, dinosaurs, exercise, nutrition, farm animals. Songs: 5 Big Dinosaurs, Peace Soup, The Olympic Games, Sports Dance, Follow A Dream, Good Foods, A Place On My Farm, The Dinosaur Stomp, Move Those Muscles, and more. 20 Songs (ages 5-10).

#JH019 CD $15.00

Learning to Love

Learning To Love

Focus on social skills, cooperation, self esteem, positive discipline. Songs: Brand New Day, We Are A Family, It's Love, I Love You-No Matter What, I Love Myself, Goodbye For Today, Working Together, 14 songs (ages 4-10)

#JH020 CD $15.00

I've Got Music in Me

I've Got Music In Me

Variety of early Childhood skills, Alphabet, Letters, Opposites, Days of The week. Songs: Big Numbers, Opposite Conga, ABC Disco, Hip Hop Hokey Pokey, Body Boogie, Be The Best You Can Be, 5 Little Fish and more 18 songs (ages 2-10).

#JH021 CD $15.00

Jack Hartman Collection~

Jack's CD's have over 400 songs to strengthen the following skills in four major components: Reading, Math, Social Skills and Character Education, Transitions, Holidays and celebrations, diversity, body movement and relaxation.

#JH00SET 21/CDs $289.00