Rhythm Recordings

A Tisket, A Tasket, A Child’s Rhythm Basket by Brent Lewis

A Tisket, A Tasket, A Child’s Rhythm Basket by Brent Lewis

This recording is a new adventure exploring the dimensions of melody and rhythm. Melodies and harmonies are played on the only set of Ikauma melodic piano drums in the world. A combination of ancient African rhythms with favorite children’s melodies creates the most powerful and playful children’s percussion album ever released. A “must have” CD for pre-school and primary grade teaching professionals everywhere!

Songs: Circus Theme, Shortnin’ Bread, Here We Go Round the Mulberry bush, Mary Had a Little Lamb, Uh Oh, The Farmer In the Dell, Row Row Row Your Boat, I’ve Been Working on the Railroad, A Medley, The Alphabet Song, Old McDonald Had A Farm, The Boogie, London Bridge is Falling Down, The Old Gray Mare, Three Blind Mice, Pop Goes The Weasel, Ring Around The Rosie, Brahms Lullaby, Rock-a-Bye Baby.

#BL001 CD $17.50

Jungle Bells by Brent Lewis

Jungle Bells by Brent Lewis

The “all drum” Christmas CD where Christmas melodies are played on the drums supported by African rhythms. Songs: Jingle Bells, It Came Upon a Midnight Clear, Winter Wonderland, Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, Santa Clause is Comin’ to Town, The Little Drummer Boy, Deck The Halls, We Wish You A Merry Christmas.

#BL002 CD $17.50


Multicultural Rhythm Stick Fun

Multicultural Rhythm Stick Fun (ages 3-7)

Multicultural awareness and rhythmic activities using rhythm Sticks. Authentic folk tunes and songs from around the world set the stage for easy rhythm stick activities. Music from Vietnam, Puerto Rico, Russia, Japan, India, China, West Africa, Mexico, Israel, Germany and more. Guide with Lyrics and instructions. 22 songs.

#KIM9128 CD $15.95

Lummi Sticks For Kids

Lummi Sticks For Kids (ages 3-8)

Tap out easy rhythm stick routines and develop coordination and motor skills. Songs include: Sing A Happy Song, Doggie Dance, Are You Happy, Electric Sticks, Yaba-Daba-Doo, Tap Together, Happy Sticks. 12 activities are set to famous songs.

#KIM2014 CD $15.95

Rhythm Sticks Rock

Rhythm Sticks Rock (ages 4-7)

Rock, rap, and tap along to cool music from Rock ‘N Roll to Calypso, and Salsa to Classical. Creative stick activities include a rocket ride to the moon, dancing around the planets, rocking with the dinosaurs, and using signal sticks to bring the planes back home. Narrated cleverly creative activities include imaginative play, partner activities, a circle game, twisting, a twirl dance and more. A great way to promote body identification, directionality, right/left discrimination, over/under, loud/soft, reinforces safety guidelines, and improves rhythmic awareness.

#KIM9185 CD $15.95

Simplified Rhythm Stick Activities

Simplified Rhythm Stick Activities

Rhythm stick activities on this CD are simple and repetitive, yet fun and educational. Familiar music, recorded with children's voices, contemporary sounding and upbeat. Songs include: The Wizard of Oz, Sesame Street, Chicken Fat, Mickey Mouse March, It's a Small Small World, Hi Ho Medley.

#KIM2015 CD $15.95

Rhythm Stick Activities by Henry Buzz Glass & Rosemary Hallum

Rhythm Stick Activities by Henry Buzz Glass & Rosemary Hallum

Used creatively, RHYTHM STICKS, whether rolled up newspapers, Pla-Tubes, or rhythm sticks, can widen your perceptual motor program. Recording and manual gives music, directions, and new ideas for using Rhythm sticks. Activities include gross and fine movements, body image, following directions and coordination skills. Songs include: Come Play The Stick Game, Basketball, Shoemaker Dance, African Style, Stick Jive #1, Puppet Dance, and more. CD includes instrumental tracks.

#CD55 CD $15.95

Synchronized Rhythm Sticks by Helene Hampton Hughes

Synchronized Rhythm Sticks by Helene Hampton Hughes

Rhythm sticks used in synchronized patterns augment any Perceptual motor program. It is a rhythm activity designed to aid in right left discrimination, auditory acuity, identification of body parts, and upper body fitness. This album and manual give written and cued directions with music for each stick activity. Includes instruction and music and music only. Songs include: Circle Pass“Tennessee Saturday Night", Stop & Go “Chase Me", The Robot, Stixercise “Rockin' Robin", and more.

#CD104 CD $15.95


Homemade Band by Hap Palmer

Homemade Band by Hap Palmer

These lively rhythms and Hap's friendly voice will make “Rhythm Band" time the best part of the day!! Songs include: Homemade Band, Beautiful Day, I'm A Little Wood Block, Stick Dance, Play Your Sticks, Old MacDonald and more.

#CD545 CD $15.95

Rhythm Band by Frank Leto

Rhythm Band by Frank Leto

A tool to help teachers introduce rhythm band instruments to their students. Teachers follow a step-by-step progression from preschool ear training to more challenging K-1 activities. Both beginning and seasoned teachers discover new songs and games for months of rhythm band activities. Songs include: Introduction to the Instruments, Listen and Tell Me What You Hear, I Am A Fine Musician, Parade of Instruments, Waltz for Rhythm Band and more.

#CD748 CD $15.95

Play Your Instruments and Make A Pretty Sound by Ella Jenkins

Play Your Instruments and Make A Pretty Sound by Ella Jenkins

World-renowned children's performer, present a delightful series of songs to encourage children to play their instruments, put them away, to listen to music, and to move together to the same rhythm. Provides excellent opportunity for instrument identification, conducting, creative movement, improvisation and use of rhythm instruments. Songs include: Play Your Instruments and Make a Pretty Sound, Put Your Instruments Away, Follow The Leader, You'll Sing a Song-I'll Sing A Song.

#EJ45018 CD $16.98

Rockin’ Rhythm Band by Jill and Michael Gallina

Rockin' Rhythm Band by Jill and Michael Gallina

Rhythm band activities that teach and stimulate at the same time. The original music provides lively games and activities easily adaptable for use with small or large groups and enjoyable for children of all ages. Each Activity has been specifically designed to aid in the development of fine and gross motor skills, auditory discrimination, patterning and sequencing. Songs include: Rock N' Roll Band, Pass The Instruments, Play This Rhythm, Play Soft- Play Loud, The Marching Band, Calypso Island, then repeated with music only tracks.

#CD94 CD $15.95

Preschool Playtime Band

Preschool Playtime Band (ages 3-8)

Kids love a rhythm band and a parade! Ragtime to rock melodies will have children marching while learning about rhythms. Guide with Lyrics and activities. Songs include: Alexander's Ragtime Band, McNamara's Band, Hey Look Me Over, Play a Simple Melody. 7 songs with lyrics and 6 instrumentals tracks.

#KIM9099 CD $15.95

Join The Rhythm Band Wagon

Join The Rhythm Band Wagon (ages 5-10)

12 original songs ideal for your school rhythm band. Children hear the rhythm instruments while they read symbols on charts and play along. Songs include: Kangaroo Jump, A Walk In The Woods, Parrots On Parade, March Of The Robots, Walking In The Snow, Dance Of The Puppets. 22 vocal and instrumental tracks. Includes 13 mini-chars and guide.

#KIM0845 CD $22.95

Rhythm Band Time

Rhythm Band Time (K-6th)

An album of simple music concepts for use with rhythm instruments. The songs included allow for individual progression as each program moves from slower to faster tempos. Songs included: Meter Mixer, Yankee Doodle, Mohawk Drums, The Yellow Somrero, Turkey In The Straw, and 18 more.

#MHD41 CD $14.95

This Is Rhythm by Ella Jenkins

This Is Rhythm by Ella Jenkins

Helps children hear rhythm in everyday sounds and introduces wood and tone blocks, rhythm sticks, conga drums, maracas, bongos, guiro, cow bells, tambourine, plate gong.

#CD45028 CD $15.95

Modern Tunes for Rhythms and Instruments by Hap Palmer

Modern Tunes for Rhythms and Instruments by Hap Palmer

Songs created especially to encourage rhythmic movement and instrument use. Routines and rhythmic patterns are suggested that prepare children for the ultimate goal of creating their own rhythms and movements. Songs include: Sunshine, Happy Mechanical Man, Main Street Parade, March of The Clowns, Frere Jacques, Mai Tai, The Hawk and more.

#CD523 CD $15.95

Toe Tapping Tunes by Hap Palmer

Toe Tapping Tunes by Hap Palmer

Update your rhythm instrument programs and movement activities with Hap's original music and guide. Activities are suggested for each selection. Songs include: Taking a Walk, Funky Choo Choo, Sophisticated Popcorn, Birds In A Tree, Cool It, Stop Time Blues, Rocking Robot, and more.

#CD716 CD $15.95

Rhythms On Parade

Rhythms On Parade

With this unique collection of songs children explore basic musical concepts. Some songs are adaptable for basic Rhythm instruments. Songs include: Rhythms On Parade, Woodpecker, Jingle Bell Bees, Kris Kringle's Jingle Bell Band, Tap Your Sticks, Bean Bag Shake, Stick Dance, Homemade Band, Choose an Instrument, and more.

#CD633 CD $15.95

Tinikling / Puili Sticks~

Puili-Hawaiian Rhythm Sticks

Puili-Hawaiian Rhythm Sticks (ages 4-9)

Unusual rhythm stick activities combined with enchanting island music. Individual and partner routines. Songs include: Hukilau, Enchanted Island, Lanakila, Mokihama, Little Brown Gal. 7 songs, narration and music. 7 instrumental songs.

#KIM7046 CD $16.95

Puili Rhythm Sticks

Puili Rhythm Sticks

Sold in sets of 10. Bamboo puili sticks may have natural splits in the bamboo. Great sounding!

#ACC7046 10/set $24.95

Tinikling Dances

Tinikling Dances (ages 9 & up)

Authentic Philippine Music and five basic dance steps. Talk-thru and walk-thru instructions. Songs include: Introduction to Tinikling, Clapping to the Rhythm, Bamboo Beating Instructions, Bamboo Beating to the Music, The Tinikling Step, Figure 2: The Cross Step, Tinikling Step Diagonal Forward, Staddle Jump with Turns, Forward and Sideward. 21 Tracks.

#KEA9015 CD $16.95

Contemporary Tinikling Activities

Contemporary Tinikling Activities (ages 9 & up)

Modified with 4/4 beat, six dances develop coordination and rhythmic timing. Songs: The Entertainer, Put Your Hand in the Hand, Brazilia, What Now My Love, You Are The sunshine of My Life, Walk Right In. 6 songs - Instruction and Music. 6 Instrumental Songs.

#KEA8095 CD $17.95

Rhythm Instrument Activity Book~

101 Rhythm Instrument Activities by Abigail Flesch Connors

101 Rhythm Instrument Activities by Abigail Flesch Connors

The perfect book to introduce rhythm instruments to young children. Children make the sounds of the ocean waves using shakers, pretend to be a train using sand blocks, create a rainstorm with rhythm sticks, perform circus tricks with jingle bells. Plus they learn to play the instruments along with their favorites songs. Toddlers through age 6. 128 pages.

#NSM15445 BOOK $14.95